The House on the Rous

We’ve moved to ‘RousHouse’
– the house on the Rous …river.
An elegant stone house, beautiful and well-designed
…but there is more, much more.

Surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature,
it embraces and holds a potent energy.
A quiet energy – gentle, nourishing, inspiring creativity
– feminine aboriginal energy I was told by a local.

The masculine Mt Warning protects us from behind.
An unreliable name given by Captain Cook,
when often the top is shrouded in cloud.
I’ve been told the aboriginals know it as the Compassionate one.

The Rous, which eventually becomes the Tweed,
is home for platypus, turtles, water dragons, fish.
Many varieties of birds constantly fill the air with bird-song.
Our food, freshly picked, grows on the fertile river plains.

North facing, the sun warms us all day,
yet inside the house remains cool.
We look up to Springbrook in the North
and the sun sets over the beautiful Border Ranges.

We’ve already had frog and cow adventures.
A lime-green frog booming outside our bedroom we relocated afar.
Peace! We felt rather pleased with ourselves.
…until the next night! – clearly he’d told his mates.

Surrounded by croaking frogs of all shapes, sizes and colours – I admitted defeat.
But it turned out to be the best concert I had ever heard …anywhere.
Frogs, birds, cows all joined melodiously into nature’s own symphony.
– and then, the concert over, lo they moved back to the river and dams.

The cows exert a lovely presence – what a life, all they do is eat …and moo occasionally.
One day I looked out the window to see two stray cows in our front garden.
Grahame learnt his first cow lesson
…yelling at them has no effect – but flapping your arms up and down works wonders.

Over Easter our neighbour decided the cows needed to be moved from the river.
Two of our sons and their girlfriends were here so we offered to help.
It was only later that we realised that we all had different versions of Maree’s grand plan.
…but it eventually ended well when we reunited the separated calves.

Since Easter we have had constant sunshine.
It really is beautiful one day, perfect the next….and we aren’t in Qld!
On special days we proudly fly the Manx flag with 3 legs – our first flag…there will be more.

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