RousHouse June 2015

In April it rained and rained and rained
– our small river became a roaring sea.
At midnight a sight to behold
but next day just a tale to be told.

A calf was lucky to be born next day.
The cows congregated around,
then moved away to reveal
a calf already able to kneel.

Some nights have been cold
a pleasant cold – like a mountain cold.
Our fire keeps us warm,
then we have breakfast out in the sun next morn.

We have discovered the local community
– or rather they have discovered us!
Singing, bush-walking, clubs and markets galore
…wonderful people what’s more!

The Chillingham Voice Chorus is at its heart.
Great ambitious music that sounds great
– though I am one of the few that can music read.
Good fun – and supper a delicious feed.

The bushwalking club walks most Thursdays.
Last time was a ‘real’ bushwalk
to the western cliffs of Springbrook National Park
– no track, suitably lost, a great lark.

I love fossicking for rocks
– have found some beauties.
Now I need a gemmologist
– the boys selling crystals at the market will assist.

Our latest visitor
uninvited, but quite at home
– an elegant yellow-bellied tree snake
lying on our front steps to sun-bake.

We’ve had dinner with our neighbours Maree and Martin
Met a 91-year old doctor – sharp as a tack
– cross because her daughter has just made her retire.
And we’ve been warmly welcomed over lunch by the choir.

Juicy, sweet mandarins, grapefruit, oranges galore
Now we’ve planted many varieties more
Our flags fly to show we are home….so far we have 3
– Isle of Man, Celtic and Brittany.

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