RousHouse August

The autumn garden bursts straight into spring
… oblivious of winter!
New leaves appear though autumn hues stay
Poppies are on their way.

The vege garden is a sight to behold,
Greens, herbs, potatoes, carrots and more
An owl came to visit last night
Sitting on our railing – what a sight!

The broccoli is so big, the peas so sweet
Not to mention the snow peas, bok-choy, lettuce and spinach too
We invited friends for a meal
Serving all home-grown greens was unreal.

Satin bower birds gave our tomatoes a hard time
But fortunately they don’t like their greens!
The missing blue pegs and mauve bonsai stone
We found in their bower – a special home.

Our land is now ‘Land for Wildlife’
The river and its lovely trees such a joy
We’ve been working to keep it weed-free
Yesterday frogs croaked and a goanna ran up a tree.

Some locals asked to learn bridge.
We meet here once a week and laugh a lot
I also play in Murwillumbah Monday
Bridge is good fun – needless to say.

Choir is a great night and good for us too
Love the girls group – the ‘Hot Chilli Chicks’
The ‘Armed Man Mass’ is progressing towards its peak
We’ve a jazz concert next week.

We look up to the Cougals – and now I’ve been there
A good walk – sent texts to G from the top
Yesterday at Springbook Liz was a fashion treat,
our home-made sun-dried bananas delicious to eat.

Lunch at Peter and Wendy’s fully eco abode
A super soup-party with Harley and Sue
Our Coffee is happening – fruit picked and dried to shell
Next is the roasting – the taste will tell.

Stop press:
Our fish have returned, the first poppies have bloomed
– spring is officially here!
Collecting cow-poo under a vivid sun-set sky was such a treat
and our coffee tastes really neat.

First poppy




First poppy

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