Myles and Jane Wedding

Myles and Jane’s wedding was like no other
Complete with, in Seattle, the other brother
Bob, the kelpie, bedecked with bow-tie
Between man and wife did lie

Jane looked so beautiful in her dress of red lace
Lovely flowers, thanks to Lucy, embellished the space
Myles striking in his pink shirt and beard of red
A wonderful setting in which to be wed

Family witnessed the ceremony inside
Oblivious of the deluge drenching others in its stride
When Myles gave Jane her wedding ring
Frank couldn’t stop his smile widening

Then champagne corks popped and cheers we did make
A wedding, news of success and a birthday cake
Jane was married, had a new job and turned thirty
Indeed a hat-trick – a win of three

Without getting wet to lunch we walked
And ate delicious food while we talked
The food and company were very special – a real treat
And not getting wet quite a feat

To cap the event we partied on
At an iconic Uni pub – the Duck and Swan
Many friends came to celebrate the special day
And talked, ate, drank and danced the night away

The speeches were insightful and fun
Especially that of Myles, our son
The cake was unique, featuring watermelon
The friends impressive – a strong bond

June 4th 2016 was a day many will remember
In Chillingham 10 inches of rain caused a raging river
And in Sydney houses crashed into the sea
For an exceptional pair what day could more fitting be

(Bob showing off his bow-tie)Bob showing off his bow-tie
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