Local Rocks

Since moving to Chillingham, one of my favourite pastimes has become fossicking for interesting rocks carried by our river, the Rous. Although a complete novice I’ve collected some pretty rocks.

I was delighted to discover Alec Chapman at the Chillingham markets. Alec has been fossicking for rocks since very young and has become quite an expert. His stall ‘Crystal Cravings’ is a must to visit at the markets. Beautiful crystals and stones – and you will leave much more knowledgeable after a chat with Alec.

Alec educated me about the names of some local ‘rocks’. But what to do with all the rocks I collected?

They’d look good polished I thought, though not all of them – some are best kept in their natural state. My husband tuned in and a rock tumbler arrived on my birthday. The picture below is the first result – and there are better stones to come! Examples of carnelian, chalcedony and green jasper all appear. I’ll find out more names for next time.

Now a new question – what to do with the polished rocks? Rock art seems the way to go!

IMG_1980 IMG_1981IMG_1959 (3)

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