Chillingham Choir Christmas Party

The Chillingham Voices Choir holds its Christmas party each year in early January – most sensible! This year it was on Friday Jan 8th.

A great night – wonderful performances by many choir members and a delicious dinner at interval.

The highlight of the night was ‘Bad Abba’  – performed by 4 delightfully bad, be-wigged       ‘Abba – gals’ …plus guitarist.

Bad Abba Pic








Grahame and I did our bit. We both recited ‘The move to RousHouse’, a piece I quickly put together. Grahame recited his ‘Lights in the Darkness’ from the book ‘Water Access Only – Tales and Images from Pittwater’, which made a big impact on many judging by comments afterwards. …and the fun-piece I wrote for my Chillingham bridge buddies (who are all altos in the choir), ‘The Alto Bridge’, was sung by  Liz, Lou, Susanne and myself. Our rehearsal was such fun – we all love ‘Queen’ – and the performance, being towards the end of the concert, after we’d all had too much champagne, was predictably less than perfect but loved by the audience. I still keep singing it – can’t get it out of my head!

The Move to RousHouse 

The Move to RousHouse - G&J






It was late last March that we made the move
Not knowing about you people who groove
We were greeted by ducks and ibis too
Who like the rain more than we do.

Unpacking was fun
Punctuated by meals in the sun
Space is the essence of our house
Together with the delights of the wondrous Rous

It didn’t take long
Before we were part of the song
The community is such a treat
Warm, crazy, caring, fun – truly neat

Choir is a great night with Harley at the helm
And the ‘Hot Chilli Chicks’ dwell in a higher realm
The music is great but supper is the heart
…not to mention Lynne’s eggs for baking that tart

Bridge is not for all – but the morning teas were such fun
A few came and went but the core group didn’t run.
Lou, Liz and Susanne have become my best mates
The competition is fierce …but first rate

Two more are learning but we need two more
…. to make a table of four
Grahame won’t play, nor will Brian or Ed
They must be scared they will be beaten by the women they wed.

Our vege garden has been a sight to behold
Broccoli, snow-peas, more than can be told
The coffee, a labour of love, is so fine
And the lemon cello truly divine

Growing anything at all is a breeze
But how to stop the weeds?
We sit and watch the lawn grow
Maybe Hugh will make us a robot to mow

Collecting cow-poo under a vivid sunset sky
Is one of life’s treasures money can’t buy
Our platypus is such a joy to see
As are the birds, frogs and rainforest trees

But the best part of all it is clear
Is that it is so good just being here
Creative juices are flowing
Each moment precious adventures sowing


Lights in the Darkness

Lights in the darkness - G







The Alto Bridge

The Alto bridge - 1The Alto bridge - 2The Alto bridge -3






(To the tune of ‘We three kings’ – no chorus)

Although we always sing in tune
To sing ‘the tune’ would be a boon
But without us there would be
…no-o-o harmony

We allow the sops to stand out
But really we have more clout
Don’t be fooled – we are not slow
Though we always sing low

We are the bridge because we think
Providing the most essential link
Joining sops, tenors, basses too
Really we are the glue

To a challenge we always rise
So it really is no surprise
Not only singing is our quest
We play bridge with the best

(to the tune of ‘We are the champions’ by Queen)

We are the bri-dge girls my friends
And we’ll keep on bridging ‘til the end
We are the bri-dge
We are the bri-dge
No cards are too hard
‘cause we are the bri-dge …for the choir

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