Chess at Chillingham markets

“Why isn’t chess being played?” I asked. As soon as I saw the big painted chess board being used as a stage for musicians at the markets the question instantly arose. I remember playing chess on a big outdoor board in Afghanistan many years ago – it was such fun. And in Burwood park and other parks in Sydney a crowd gathers to watch the chess games.

When I’d been here long enough I presented my question to the Chillingham Community committee. They liked the idea, found the chess pieces and I was in charge! Would it be a success?

Grahame and I went to the community center the Saturday before Market day and cleaned the pieces with our water blaster (one of Grahame’s favourite toys). Market day arrived full of sun and good cheer. The chess set was in use when we arrived …and continued that way all morning. Great fun …a success!

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