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A bird landed on our deck

This beautiful bird – probably a juvenile rose-crowned fruit-dove crashed into our deck railing. Stunned for a while – but flew off happily. Beautiful yellow chest (not quick enough to get picture).

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My best friend at school

Sadly Marg took her last breath in November 2015. She fought fiercely to the end against cancer that spread through her body. She didn’t want a funeral. Instead I received this lovely invitation from John, her husband. DEAR FAMILY &

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Platypus in Rous River Chillingham

      Photos taken Nov 18th 7pm                     Lots of Turtles too

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RousHouse August

The autumn garden bursts straight into spring … oblivious of winter! New leaves appear though autumn hues stay Poppies are on their way. The vege garden is a sight to behold, Greens, herbs, potatoes, carrots and more An owl came

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RousHouse June 2015

In April it rained and rained and rained – our small river became a roaring sea. At midnight a sight to behold but next day just a tale to be told. A calf was lucky to be born next day.

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The House on the Rous

We’ve moved to ‘RousHouse’ – the house on the Rous …river. An elegant stone house, beautiful and well-designed …but there is more, much more. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, it embraces and holds a potent energy. A

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Old news

Singing with Leichhardt Espresso Choir. John Rutter’s Gloria and Dan Walker new compositions at St James Church Sunday Oct 12th 5-6pm First rogaine at Lake Macquarie great fun. Won 2 medals. Myles and Rex equal first in Pie-bake-athon

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