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New book soon to be published

New book to be published soon

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Spinning alpaca fleece

Enjoying spinning

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Tweed Initiation

We’ve passed the Tweed Initiation! Life has been exciting up here. Thursday (30th March) we had an impressive amount of about 700ml rain in a day – surrounded by water we felt like we were back in our former Scotland

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Local Rocks

Since moving to Chillingham, one of my favourite pastimes has become fossicking for interesting rocks carried by our river, the Rous. Although a complete novice I’ve collected some pretty rocks. I was delighted to discover Alec Chapman at the Chillingham

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New Zealand tour with Chillingham Voices

Very successful tour. Pics and notes coming soon.

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Spring Flowers

New rose – ‘Fearless’, iceland poppies, california poppies, snap-dragons. Some of the delights of our garden.

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Taking off 2 – Chillingham Voices

We’ve survived enjoyed our ‘dress rehearsal’ – now its time to pack. Chillingham Voices are off to tour New Zealand October 3-13.

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Tyalgum Music Festival

Tyalgum music festival was a big success. The music was superb – loved ushering. Creating new songs about our area with Cathy Milliken was very special – a unique happening. Chillingham Voices and Murwillumbah Philharmonia choirs performed them well. I’ve

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Grandma by Myles

Grandma by Myles Cover (Joyce Hammond’s grandson & Nettie Cubbin’s great-great-grandson) Presented as part of the launch of ‘Cradled by Man’ at Nettie’s birthday party King Island July 16th 2016 We would like to give thanks to a wonderful woman

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150 year Netherby Celebrations: Shipwreck and birth of Nettie (my great-grandmother) on King Island beach

Netherby celebrations – King Island July 2016 150 years after the Netherby met its fate We returned to King Island to celebrate The survival of all passengers and crew Plus the birth of one more – brand new On Thursday

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Quaint & Curious

Premier showing of the ‘black lace dress’ and dinner suit. Complete with full slit makes me feel like an opera singer.  

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Myles and Jane Wedding

Myles and Jane’s wedding was like no other Complete with, in Seattle, the other brother Bob, the kelpie, bedecked with bow-tie Between man and wife did lie Jane looked so beautiful in her dress of red lace Lovely flowers, thanks

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Scotland Island House sold

The end of a wonderful era. Many, many happy times and many special friends.

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Chess at Chillingham markets

“Why isn’t chess being played?” I asked. As soon as I saw the big painted chess board being used as a stage for musicians at the markets the question instantly arose. I remember playing chess on a big outdoor board in

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Boating on the Rous

Boating, liloing, swimming – the Rous in our backyard is great fun …especially at the end of a hot day working in the garden.

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Cradled by Man published

Paperback available now. Kindle version coming soon.

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We have hens

‘Spicks’, ‘Specks’ and ‘Short black’ – have settled in well. ….still trying to get good photos – they love scratching under the trees.                                    

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Green Tree Frog

Yesterday  a green tree frog leapt from the gutter of our shed and fell with a ‘blat’ on the driveway. We were concerned …but he/she started climbing up the wall – clearly hasn’t passed camouflage101 yet!  

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Last mango – 1.5 kg

Our mango tree produced fruit for the first time. Storm early December destroyed most of them …but the few that remained grew sooo big. …and tasted really good. The last one weighed 1.5 kg and lasted us all week for

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Myles and Jane

Myles has displayed his usual creative style – reversing roles and proposing to his girlfriend Jane on ‘Bachelor’s day’, February 29th, traditionally the one day of the year when a woman could propose marriage to a man (on one knee!)

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