About Me

I live with my husband at Chillingham NSW. Our three sons are enriching the world with their skills.

BSc University of Melbourne
Masters Qualifying biochemistry Monash University
PhD in Sanskrit University of Sydney

Author of books:

  • Cradled by Man: A Family History by Joyce Hammond (nee Cannell). April 2016.
  • Bodhasara The surprise of awareness, USA, Createspace, 2014 …3 versions: English only, Sanskrit and English, Kindle English only, 2014
  • Bodhasara: an eighteenth century Sanskrit treasure by Narahari, USA, Createspace (Sanskrit and English), 2010Jenni with colour
  • Understanding Bodhasara: an eighteenth century Sanskrit treasure, Germany, VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, 2009

Bodhasara music at Seymour Centre Nov 1 & 2 2013